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1939 | 2019 - LXXX anniversario repromissionis - 16th. edition
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Traditional feast declared of national interest (Agreement of the Government of Catalonia GOV/255/2010 - 5766 DOGC 30.11.2010)

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Attached to the sanctuary we have the buildings of the old hospice, mansions of the sixteenth and seventeenth with renaissance neoclassical style, today completely restored for the private offices of hermits, a bar serving food and cooking and some adjoining rooms on the top floor for meetings and other activities. It still has very good condition the old kitchen with a fireplace that has a large stone vault.

One of these rooms contains a mosaic of majolica made, according to recent studies of Teresa Tosas Jordà, in the Royal Factories of Valencia in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth centuries by the painter Joan Bru i Planchà, which represents the battle of Lepanto. There is a relationship between the Virgin of Remedies and such battle occourred on 7 October 1571, the Festivity of Our Lady of Remedies, which invoked D. Juan de Austria after attributing the victory.

The mosaic, despite having taken place twice, is kept in good condition, needing only a small restoration. Surely it was part of the original pavement of the chapel, with the rest of mosaic also kept in the same room and in the chapel choir. It's certainly the most valuable of the old chapel.

Also interesting is the gateway to this room, a door with carved wooden geometric ornaments in old gothic style.





In 1977 he built the room used to votive offerings that always were hung on the walls of the chapel creating an aesthetic problem. The room that you access from the same chapel, has made the cleanliness and dignity of the sacred precinct as a place of worship and prayer.

Votive offerings are a sign of popular religiosity, recognition and gratitude for the graces or favors made by a supernatural intervention. There are many votive offerings to the Virgin of Remedies. The oldest are painted on wood support, canvas or paper in oil or watercolor. When referring to accidents are cars or animals as protagonists, and some boat, the tools of the normal working time. There are many scenes of lying sick in bed. The Virgin is usually painted on the top left. The similar style in several of the paintings suggests a local artist who worked to make orders promises.

The oldest votive is dated with the year 1850. It belongs to a sailor from Vinaròs and presents a boat overturned. Another in 1897 is from a devotee of Rio Cenia (San Rafael del Riu). Clearly indicates that the devotion to the Virgin of the Remedies from all of these regions is very old. Other types of votive offerings are more recently the photographs, wax reproductions of members of the human body and dresses.





The bar was built in 1979 using what were once the stables, leaving a cozy lounge with a certain rustic charm. It was a necessary service for many people who visit the Hermitage, which have lunch or snack, and also necessary to sustain the hermits family's living permanently in place and keeping the site enabling the sanctuary is open every day of the year.

In the same bar you can buy souvenirs of the hermitage: postcards, medals, pictures of the Virgin, etc..

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In the summer, is relaxing to spend a picnic day with the family or friends at Remedy. The abundant vegetation supplies shadows in the same square or around the sanctuary. In the early afternoon start to feel the refreshing breeze from the sea that goes grooved between the two little hills. And in the winter it is easy to find a sheltered and sunny spot.

So there is always people taking a "paella" or roasting meat, many people from here and abroad, supporters who celebrate his feast day, people's organizations, co-workers and any group that wants to make a conclusion. Everything is possible thanks to the service picnic, a picnic area located below the square with tables and fire zone that can be accessed by car or walking the stairs giving direct access from the square. In this place you have also the typical "paella" of the Remedy Day.



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