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1939 | 2019 - LXXX anniversario repromissionis - 16th. edition
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Traditional feast declared of national interest (Agreement of the Government of Catalonia GOV/255/2010 - 5766 DOGC 30.11.2010)

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The Quinquennials have their origin in the promise made by the people of Alcanar in October 7, 1939, to formally receive the new image acquired by subscription.

That memorable day in the Main square became a solemn religious celebration during which the speaker, Father Federico Domingo, in the presence of authorities and almost all the people, proposed to be held every five years some extraordinary celebrations in honor of the Patron Saint of Alcanar, Our Lady of the Remedy, holding a special prayer of nine days in which the image of the Virgin through the city of Alcanar and Les Cases by sectors, in order to receive the veneration of all devotees. The proposal was accepted with a fervent acclaim of the comunity.

The rector of the parish was then D. Rómulo Monfort, son of Alcanar, who had recently replaced D. Francisco Sanjuan. The first Quinquennials were held in 1944, five years after the promise.




In 1964, 25 years later, verifying that there was no written document of that historic event, the City of Alcanar, with very good success, aproved in a plenary the document with the chronical of events, because there were many witnesses who were present at that time. Thus, it is left to posterity the details of the origin of Quinquennials.

In 1989 was celebrated with great solemnity the Tenth Quinquennials and the 50th Anniversary of the promise. Among other celebrations, and coinciding day and date (Saturday, 7 October), took the image of the Virgin in the Main square, and the Rector Fr. Joan Ferrer addressed to people present some emotional speech, praising parishioners loyalty in fulfilling the promise.




Ten days before the second Sunday in October, the image of the Virgin is down to the village, led by 18 years old youngs and accompanied by many devotees. Fittingly, the people congregate at the entrance to the city to make to the Virgin a warmly reception. The arrival is a burst of enthusiasm and excitement, joy expressed by applause and cheers at the venerated patron.

The thrill of this arrival is revived every day, for the nine days celebration, when the Virgin in procession passes through the streets and in front of each house. The population is divided into nine sectors, including the Cases d'Alcanar town. Each day in every sector, the morning begins with the rosary of dawn and, at night, with the procession. The neighbors have decorated the streets artistically revealing creativity and tasteful expression of joy to be hosts of the Mother of God's Remedy.

After the procession, in the parish church the special prayer has a priest that preaches every day, a priest that has a different relationship with the parish.




When Nine days celebration ends, after the procession route of 24 kilometers in the streets of Alcanar and Les Cases, the sacred icon is back to the hermitage. The second Sunday of October all the people pilgrim and is strong grouped about the base of the Virgin because everyone wants to take it. For five years more the Lady will remain in his Chapell.

Alcanar sleeps at his feet.



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