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1939 | 2019 - LXXX anniversario repromissionis - 16th. edition
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Traditional feast declared of national interest (Agreement of the Government of Catalonia GOV/255/2010 - 5766 DOGC 30.11.2010)

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There are several songs of praise dedicated to the Virgin of the Remedy. The most traditional are the Joys that everybody sings so popular during the events of Quinquennials.

Also, in modern times, the composer Enrique Cofiner put music in the form of Hymn at the Prayer to the Virgin of Remedy. The residents of Les Cases have had many years of habit to sing a Salve Marinera when moving the Virgin.

All texts are transcribed below. You can listen to the songs using your music player.




Elegida sou per Déu,
salut del gènere humà,
sempre en Vós busca remei,
nostre poble d'Alcanar.

Tot el que Vós demaneu
al Verb Fill de l'Etern Pare,
molt fàcilment ho alcanseu
per vostra gràcia de Mare,
i en aqueix immens poder
sempre tots hem confiat,
sempre en Vós...

Des de que el sol il·lumina
sou vas espiritual
que conté la medicina
per tota classe de mal,
per això de tot arreu
venen aquí i són curats,
sempre en Vós...

Les glòries del nostre poble,
cavallers, títols i abats,
pagesia honrada i noble,
mariners valents i braus,
ara i sempre del Remei
han sigut fervents amants,
sempre en Vós...

De captius sou redemptora,
de pecadors, conversió,
d'afligits, consoladora,
de malalts, la curació;
tota llàgrima eixugueu,
tot dolor sabeu minvar.
Sempre en Vós...

Finalment Mare i Senyora
l'esperança en Vós posem,
i essent Vós la mediadora,
la glòria també esperem.
I agraïts a favors tants,
tots teus som, ànima i sang.
Sempre en Vós...



are You chosen by God,
health of mankind,

In You always seeking remedy
Alcanar, our people.

All that you ask
to the Word, Son of the Eternal Father,
you get it very easily
by your grace of Mother
and in this immense power
always have all confident
In You always ...

Since the sun shines
you are spiritual drink
containing medicine
for all kinds of evil
so from everywhere
they come here and are cured
In You always ...

The glories of our people
knights, abbots and titles,
honest and noble peasantry,
courageous and brave sailors,
now and forever of the Remedy
have been ardent lovers
In You always ...

You are redeeming captives,
of sinners, conversion
of grieving, consoling,
of the sick, healing;
wipe every tear,
all know pain diminished.
In You always ...

Finally Mother and Lady
our hope is in You,
and being You the mediator
the Glory also we hope.
And grateful to so many favors,
all we are your, soul and blood.
In You always ...



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mp3 file
Performed by the Choir Iúbilo of Alcanar.
CD: Traditional Songs and popular from Alcanar.



A vostres peus, oh, Verge del Remei,
què hi fa de bon estar !
Què són ditxosos fent-hi niu l'ocell,
la flor que hi ve a esclatar !
Un niu és vostra ermita, Mare amada,
nosaltres els petits
vivim de vostre amor amb la becada
i amb llet dels vostres pits.

Vós sou la flor, nosaltres les abelles
vivim de dolça mel,
i no trobant a terra flors prou belles,
girem els ulls al cel.
Porteu-nos a volar amb vostres ales
pel camp de l'infinit,
fins a mirar en ses empíries sales
el sol de fit a fit.


At your feet, oh Virgin of the Remedy,
what makes a good living!
What happy are the birds making a nest,
and the flower that comes to explode!
A nest is your chapel, beloved Mother,
We are the small birds
that live of your love with the woodcock
and milk from your breasts.

Thou are the flower, we are the bees
that live of fresh honey
and not finding in this land enough beautiful flowers,
Turning our eyes to the sky.
Bring us to fly with your wings
over the field of infinite
just to look into their imperial halls
staring at the sun.


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mp3 file
Performed by the Choir Iúbilo of Alcanar.
CD: Traditional Songs and popular from Alcanar.



Salve, estrella de los mares,
de los mares iris de eterna ventura.
Salve, oh fénix de hermosura,
Madre del divino Amor.

De tu pueblo a los pesares
tu clemencia dé consuelo.
Fervoroso llegue al cielo
hasta ti, hasta ti nuestro clamor.

Salve, Salve, estrella de los mares,
salve, estrella de los mares.
Sí, fervoroso llegue al cielo
hasta ti, hasta ti nuestro clamor.

Salve, salve, estrella de los mares,
estrella de los mares,
Salve, salve, salve, salve.


Hail, Star of the Seas,
of the seas iris eternal bliss.
Hail, O phoenix of beauty,
Mother of Divine Love

From your people to the sorrows
your mercy give comfort.
Fervent get to heaven
to you, to you our cry.

Hail, Hail, Star of the Seas,
Hail, Star of the Seas.
Yes, fervent get to heaven
to you, to you our cry.

Hail, Hail, Star of the Seas,
Star of the Seas,
Hail, Hail, Hail, Hail.


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