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1939 | 2019 - LXXX anniversario repromissionis - 16th. edition
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Traditional feast declared of national interest (Agreement of the Government of Catalonia GOV/255/2010 - 5766 DOGC 30.11.2010)

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The devotion to Our Lady of Remedies is the strongest cohesion and identity as a people in Alcanar: linking citizen feelings in faith and hope and leads to the deeper roots of their historical past.

It's easy to pray at the chapel. There our ancestors do so for centuries. And there we find the heat still living in that holly enclosure. It's easy to pray even for those who do not daily. Prayer at Remedy have learned the inhabitants from the lips of the mother. Then pray is a return to the innocence of childhood, to the evocation family, to the true fervors.

The number of votive offerings, old and new, humble and pious attitude of those who pray kneeling before the holy image, are eloquent testimonies of devotion to the people of this beloved Virgin. Promises, offerings of thanksgiving, donations to the Chapel... are many other examples.

"On your feet, oh Virgin of Remedies, which makes a good living," sings the anthem composed by Cofiner and Remedy devotees can find well over the Mother.

Unique way of seeking remedy those who need it most: the sick, those who suffer most in the body and sometimes the spirit of loneliness and alienation resulting from the same disease. When everything in life and experienced reeling with crudeness, feeling it, the deepest poverty of our being human, we are predisposed to rediscover God, seeking meaning in what is presented as humanly absurd as nonsense.

The devotion to Our Lady of Remedy gives strength and solace, spiritual experience is fresh in this patient, finding remedy the sufferings and moral temperance in the body. "You are spiritual medicine that contains all kinds of evils."



Every day of the Ninth, at 07:30 am, the Dawn Rosary is done on some streets in the corresponding sector and then celebrated the Mass in the parish church.

At 8:30 pm is done the procession into the streets of the sector; then, in the church, is celebrated with great solemnity the Ninth and the preaching of a priest who has any connection with the parish or the city.




Many citizens of Alcanar have expressed their devotion towards Our Lady of Remedy through poetry full of emotion and lyricism. Here are some excerpts.

My mother loved you
his heart weakened
while still beating,
beat for you.

And prayed for you
from its bed.

Suffered in silence
in my absence
occasionally looked
if the door opened,
was resigned,
had patience
prayed and prayed, ...

Knew that this year
for your feast
could not go to the Hermitage
and without complaint
appeased and modest
to the will of God
still praying ...

and of the Rosary
she sent Trinitari
kissed the cross.

And turned off the voice
eyes a veil
to be close Yours
she ascended to heaven!

The mother. Trinitari Fabregat

... Worshiped, miraculous
Mother of 'canareus'
merciful smile:
Alcanar sleeps at his feet.

Our Lady of Remedy and Alcanar. Trinitari Fabregat.


And how the church is beautiful
countries and lovely surroundings
and its heaven, its woods
like not are other equal
and the colorful birds
that in turn they its flying
What to say about the Lady
There nests as little bird
over the plumes of the wings
of six blond angels?

I've never been able to sing,
it stifles my lyre,
when I desire to sing it
a song worthy of her.
My talent is so poor;
so wonderful his unequaled greatness!

Inasmuch as it is called Remedy
and to me has a bad mourning,
tern would be
to go to find it there,
as they found in their grief,
when there goes my countrymen.

José Matamoros, canon.


When Our Lady comes to town
road Remedy
leaving the last curves
a cry of excitement and enthusiasm
out of people's hearts,
live up to the starry sky
mixed with the explosion of fireworks:
Long live the Virgin of Remedies!
And a sign with fireworks
the sky is flashing:
Welcome, Mom, your Alcanar.

Tears and pounding,
music and bells,
heiresses, people and village authorities,
experiencing intense joy
to feel Visited
to our dear Mother.
Les Cases, fishing village,
not usually stay behind.
The decoration of the streets
show their appreciation
at the Virgin of Remedies,
thanking his visit
and proclaiming from the rooftops
that in devotion to the Virgin
"casencs" be reckoned with.
Working people, honest and faithful
you have the most genuine roots
in devotion to Our Lady of Remedy.
Do not let it show ever
and especially,
in the Quinquennials Feast.

Quinquennials. The man who would walk. José Barrera Queralt.


In a medium range esplanade
We have a great chapel.
As the Virgin of Remedies
There is not a more beautiful.
we climb on pilgrimage
when she got down to visit us
and little tears will fall her
when she leaves Alcanar. Song of the orange trees. Ramon Monfort.
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